Grab & Go, Gifts & Garlands

One great perk for having a Balloon Studio is clients can stop in and pick up balloon designs.  We call this our Grab & Go program.

Grab & Go items are for self-install balloon garlands and displays.   You tell us the colors you want, a theme and where you think you'll have it on display.   Plus, how you want the garland/display to look, how lengthy it needs to be, what time you want to come get it, and then you…

Grab & Go install it

If you are looking for an organic garland that is delivered and installed for you: you are on the wrong page.  This is for the DIYers who want to decor on your own.

Since we use only professional, quality balloons: our balloon garlands are ready for you and can be preserved in the right conditions up to 3 days prior to your event (sometimes more).

Grab & Go

This is for ordering self-install balloon garlands and balloon pick ups.