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Event Management

Event planning goes by many different names. Some event planners are called event coordinators, and others are called event technologists. What do all of these titles have in common? The individuals have some hand in planning an event. Whether the events are internal or external, large or small, in-person or virtual, they all have to be planned. Our event planners are ready to help you execute your dream event!

Building the Perfect Event

It starts simply. A theme. A plan. A goal. Your event has a purpose from the beginning, which will drive content, entertainment, audience, and the venue. Next, added in is all the basics. You must build a branded event marketing plan that entices visitors to attend. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to build a beautifully designed event, social media posts, and collateral.

If no one knows about your event, how will they attend? Promotion and marketing are so important. From targeted emails to social media to a radio campaign these are some great ways to promote your events to reach a vast audience. 

The purpose of the event is always to make connections. Event management doesn’t just involve choosing linens or hiring the entertainment.  Managing attendees and their communication process is one of the major tasks.
Event management doesn’t end when the event does. Over the course of the entire event, it’s important to prove success and identify areas of improvement. Data gained throughout the process will help you do this. Live polling is a great way to find out how attendees felt about the event.

Event management is about pulling together an incredible experience, facilitating connections, adding leads to sales pipeline, and proving success. It’s a difficult job that involves spinning an endless number of plates and working around the clock to create an unforgettable moment for attendees. And it’s one that can be made a little easier for your corporate team by asking LCS to be the planners/coordinator/producers whatever you want to call us. Just remember to call us!