Sweet 16, What Do 16-Year-Olds Want In 2021.

July 22, 2021

Your little girl is growing up and her Sweet 16 is fast approaching.  Whether you are turning 16 or know someone who is about to, celebration is key. And when you are about to turn Sweet 16, your birthday should be one that is super special.

We rounded up some of our sweetest birthday ideas that you are sure to like. Let us show you our collection of Sweet 16 birthday ideas.  It is a wide variety from Zoom parties, virtual parties and now that the Covid restrictions have lighten up, party ideas you can do with your friends and loved ones.

Decorate Your Yard With Cards To Let Everyone Know Who Is Turning 16.

As you plan the party, have all the guests gather at your home where they will arrive to a colorful, whimsical yard display with her favorite colors and flairs.

Hire A Professional Photographer

In today’s social media time, photos are a way of life, so step up the photo game by hiring a pro. We recommend making the investment instead of leaving the task up to amateurs, or worse, trying to do it all yourself! Professional photographers not only have the best equipment to take and edit your photographs, but they also know how to get the best shots in darker settings and in environments with lots of movement. Give your 16-year-olds one of the most valuable gifts you can offer, memories that will last a lifetime.  Plus, it will make thier social media feed the highlight of the night.

Create a photo backdrop that the girls can stand in front of for the professional shots.

Turning 16 & Driving Driving Go Hand In Hand.

Most 16-year-olds have likely never seen the inside of a limo.  To make this sweet 16 party memorable, rent a stretch limo, Hummer, or a party bus for 10 of her closest friends to join her.  Planning the stops in advance, will enable you to schedule with the venue to have a special entrance or better yet, decorate the entrance so your birthday girl feels extra special. 

Remember to decorate the inside of the limo or the party bus.  You can add balloons, streamers, and the glass wear in the limo.  Place party favors in the limo so the party can start as soon as the driver pulls away from the driveway.

Allowing the birthday girl and her special guests to be escorted to the party unchaperoned (no parents!) will make her feel like a real adult and setting up a “red carpet walk” – complete with flashbulbs and screaming “fans” (party guests) – when she arrives at the venue will make her feel like a true rockstar.

Plan the Food.

Teenagers can eat – a LOT! To prevent the party goers from going hungry at the Sweet 16 party, opt for quantity over quality. Consider food or baked goods that can be consumed without the use of utensils and will be easy to pack up for travel. To add a fun touch to the party, you might consider hiring a professional bartender to make the underaged party guests “mocktails” (fake cocktails made with juices instead of alcohol) as well.

This Option Will Hurt A Little, But Keep It (Relatively) Parent-Free.

Some parental presence is necessary at your daughter’s, niece’s, or sister’s Sweet 16 party, of course, but allowing the guardian of every party guest to swarm the venue will lead to lots of self-conscious kids and an extremely dull party. Select an adult that can travel with you to the limo stop so you can be there when they arrive.  Let the girls ride alone in the limo, the driver should follow the route you provide so they should be safe and not get lost. Personally, call the parents of every guest and assure them that you have everything under control and try to stay out of the way yourself. This is her day, after all. The most important thing is to let her enjoy it with her friends.”

Sweeten the Soiree.

It’s not a birthday party without cake! (Or whatever dessert your teen loves most.) To make the special day extra-sweet, set up a dessert station with small sweets like colorful candies, custom cookies, macarons, cakesicles, cake pops, whoopie pies, and cupcakes.  This Display can be set up at your home to wrap up the party on a sweet note. 

Your teen’s Sweet 16 is a big deal. It may be the last big party before their high school graduation party, so it should be over the top. No matter what your party budget or theme is, you can make every detail amazing by planning. For many other ideas, including a cost effective option, have Lights Camera Selfies coordinate the party or decorations for you.

Come and meet with Lights Camera Selfies to discuss party options and let us get to know you and the guests of honor.  There is no need to stress yourself out when we can help with all the plans.  Our services are available for all size events, from small to large and we do everything from start to finish so you can enjoy the party.