Rings Of Beauty! Organic Balloons

June 7, 2021

Organic-style balloon decor has quickly grown to be a favorite for weddings with arches, Infinity arches, and rings of different sizes (small as a wreath or large enough to walk through). These dreamy, unique shapes are the hottest ballooning trend during the last year. Organic garlands, rings and arches add a wow factor with their whimsical shape and delicate appearance, this style of décor can be used for any type of event from casual to formal.  Organics balloon displays have an endless variety of uses and are timeless. The most popular are pretty backdrops that can be used as a top table backdrop, a gorgeous photo booth backdrop or for framing the cake table.

This beautiful large ring and is easily adaptable with the couples wedding theme and colors.  It can be used as the couple marry or behind the couple’s dinner table.  It stands about 9’ tall and 8’ wide.  It can be an open-air ring or have a drape behind it as this this one has a gold sequence drape.  Lettering can be added to the ring whether it is the new title of Mr & Mrs. or names or a birthday wish.  Floral or other items can be included in the design.

This small ring added flair to the event and is the perfect size to be seen in a photo.  It is light weight to be display from a wreath holder, door or staircase and a picture frame hook.

Balloons whether organic or classical will look stunning at any event.  This pastel ring is a fun, colorful ring that is appealing for use at any bridal or baby shower. 

By converting this same rings’ balloons to primary colors makes the ring have an entirely different feel and colorful atmosphere.

Stop by our Balloon Studio to see the rings available and lets create a design just for you.