New Logo, New Entertaining Mission: Meet the New Lights Camera Selfies

February 24, 2021

Today marks an exciting day for Lights Camera Selfies: we’re officially launching a new brand identity for our small company.

While we’re excited to unveil our new logo, look, and feel, a brand encompasses so much more. It’s the sum of everything from our products and services, to how we engage with our customers, to how our customers feel when they think or talk about our company.  We are delighted to showcase our new logo on our new website!

We’ve made tremendous progress on all of these fronts over the past few years. We added new balloon services and expanded our photo booth services to offer a 100% hands-free option to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. We strive to evolve as the day-to-day situations continuously change. And it was time for our brand to evolve, too.

One thing hasn’t changed: our core mission. We’re relentlessly committed to building successful, seamless and memorable events.

What Does It All Mean?

As we set out to redesign our branding, we wanted to match our visual identity with our overarching mission to create joy in our events. Conveying brand identity visually is the foundation for any successful brand, especially in today’s online world.

Here are the key ideas we want our brand to embody:

Customer Focus: our new look needed to convey excitement and innovation for a variety of clients from a first time bride to a corporate event coordinator working on her tenth trade show.

Ease of Ordering: Since day one, we’ve wanted working with us to be easy and for all the T’s to be crossed and all the I’s dotted. With a new website and local office, we are able to serve customers that want to communicate online and those who enjoy face-to-face meetings and interactions.

Pivoting and Scale: Lights Camera Selfies has pivoted significantly since our previous brand was conceived. With our new brand, we wanted to illustrate the momentum and skills we’ve established.

Fixing Flaws

While a rebrand represented a chance to align our look and feel with the change of products of our company, it was also a chance to address some flaws in our old logo.

Some matters to improve included:

The old logo was first created to represent a hashtag, which at the time was unique and fun. Now with SEO it’s difficult to search our company name on the web.

  • Set up as a hashtag, without spacing between the words made it difficult to scale down to smaller sizes.
  • As we pivoted during the pandemic to more of a party entertainment company, the original font was too serious for our new look.
  • The variety of our services wasn't represented by a single color logo.

The Process

So how did this all come together? We started by reviewing our core values, attributes and feeling that we wanted our brand to stand for. You may be thinking to yourself - how important are logos to creating a brand? For marketers, they’re the base on which the entire rest of the brand is built. So the precise colors, look and words are critical. We knew we needed to land on the perfect tag line and colors if we wanted our brand to convey who we are and how we aim to project fun and excitement as a company.

After much debate and a long process of elimination, we chose:

  • Friendly
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Fun

We then reminded ourselves the brand needs to project our core product promises – successful, seamless, and memorable. They represent the guiding light of everything we do.

Pulling It All Together

After thinking through our core mission, the growth of the company, our community, and the values we stand for, it was time to bring everything together.

So why did we decide on this new look?

  • Colors and look are memorable. When it catches your eye, it reinforces our name.
  • The flash and balloon, simple, yet effectively conveys photo booth and balloons.
  • The main font is modern and clean, while still being creative. The secondary
  • font shows movement and fun, true to the nature of our key services.
  • By using a line and a heart - two basic shapes – it’s showing forward movement
  • and love.

Using four fresh colors shows our flexibility. It’s a fun variety of colors - not confined to a single choice. We now have many colors to showcase the diversity of our designs, services, customers, and our dreams.

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our story, but it’s still just the beginning. With this new foundation in place, we plan to launch a new event service. Later this year as the pandemic is in our rearview mirror, we hope to reap the benefits of these changes. We can’t wait to bring to life all the amazing ways we are transforming and growing in our creative abilities!

Lights Camera Selfies is a local Hollywood event/entertainment service company. LCS is Broward's premier photo booth supplier with the latest technology and a completely touch-free option. Our mobile balloonery serves all of Broward County. A mobile balloonery is a creative, unique service that comes to you or your event. Our service includes installing your balloon decorations on site. Our designs are guaranteed to be fresh and perfect for your event. LCS doesn't forget the exterior of your event with our yard card program. We do it all from creation to execution for events of all sizes. Stop by our balloon studio to have a private consultation. Like one of our photos on Instagram? Our balloon artist Lenor Ryan will create one just for you with your requested theme and colors. LCS is a small, women-owned business and we are excited to meet and make our new clients smile.