Grab and Go

June 17, 2021

Introducing our new Grab & Go Balloons!  It’s the best of having a custom design balloon bouquet or garland designed just they way you want it.  You stop by to pick it up from our Balloon Studio in Hollywood and then install it in your home.  We’ll provide you with the basic installation supplies and an easy-to-follow instruction sheet.  The garlands will still be sold in nuggets and if you want to learn more about our nugget garland program visit our IG guidebook.

The grab & go garlands are sold 6' nuggets and they are a mixture of biodegradable 5", 11", 19", and 24" balloons. Each garland will look a little different and they are a bit flexible so that you can shape into position, just the way you like it!  There are a number of attachment points so garlands can be tied to an existing structure. An instruction sheet is provided for ease of installation.

For your ease,  we suggest that your backseat or trunk is completely empty to fit into your vehicle.


All our balloon garlands/bouquets are made from biodegradable materials, and we do not use helium so they will not float away and harm animals.  Since we are located so close to the beach knowing our product is not harmful to the environment is especially important. Check out the details at LightsCameraSelfies.