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Give The Class Of 2021 A Surprise In Their Yard!

March 1, 2021

Class of 2021 has little normalcy, but in 2020 a new tradition started of hosting yard cards in front of their homes.

The Class of 2021 has missed more than half of their senior year due to COVID-19 and, there’s little hope activities will return to normal before graduation.

Many seniors feel they are missing out and all they can do is accept it and keep moving forward. Some of this year’s seniors also are a little jealous of all the classes before them. Many parents along with the seniors are disappointed to miss out on their child’s senior year milestones.

Despite the many disappointments, we encourage you to pick a senior in Broward County and adopt them for the year end celebrations.  You can send them a small gift to help them with supplies they need for college or starting their next step of their life.  Some other fun elements would be a balloon party pole to show the neighbors that they are graduating this year.   In addition, a yard card can be ordered that will last for weeks and maybe months which says congratulations.

Visit the Facebook page Adopt a Broward County Senior to meet many seniors that are proudly graduating this year.